Day 4: Stewart to Prince George

Trip Log for 16 August 2009

Today started later and more leisurely than the previous three mornings. We hung around Stewart to eat breakfast and visit a couple of shops before heading back down highway 37a. This is the only part of the trip where we had to backtrack and drive the same stretch of road twice, but this was just for about 240km and 40 of those are breathtaking.

We got to revisit Bear Glacier in the morning light and see the sun shine on the top. The most exciting part of the day happened along 37 south—we saw a black bear! It was waiting to cross the road so we turned around to get a better look and saw it walking across and then disappear into the brush. Then, a bit farther down the road, we saw a second black bear waiting to cross. They were too fast to get any photos but we could see just how much smaller they are than the grizzlies. We also saw many ravens, a flock of Canadian Geese, a bald eagle and what we think was a deer.

The drive headed east along the Yellowhead Highway 16 is pretty for awhile but eventually fades into rolling hills and farm land with no more mountain views. I'm very glad we didn't end up taking this route to and from Stewart because it's fairly boring. After the town of Smithers, with 369 km to go, you get into the Lakes District and about the most interesting thing is the town of Vanderhoof whose claim to fame is being the geographic center of British Columbia.

We got into Prince George around 19:00 and checked into the Buckhorn Bed and Breakfast which is actually located south off 97 in Fraser-Fort George. We went into town and ate at Ric's Steakhouse which I think was overpriced and not very good. We finished up the night with a visit to the Treasure Cove casino; it was pretty under whelming. The clear, star-filled sky made up for it. Tomorrow we head back to Vancouver.