Day 2: Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

Trip Log for 14 August 2009

The alarm came too soon today, sounding at 05:00, as we needed to be at the ferry terminal for check-in at 05:30. By 05:20 we were out the door of the hostel but again Google Maps gave us problems and the GPS wasn't finding our destination. I started to panic some the second time we had to turn around after realizing we'd missed a turn. There were plenty of signs directing traffic towards the ferry terminal but the turnoffs were difficult to see in the dark and not well marked.

Eventually we found the right road and made it to Bear Cove in time. We had to wait about an hour to get loaded onto the ferry. Once aboard we got our cabin assignment and made it outside to watch the ferry departure at 07:34. This ferry, the Northern Expedition, is brand new and very well appointed. The cabins offer plenty of room for two people. Even the private bathroom with shower was impressive.

We got some breakfast before taking a nap around 08:30. I got up at 10:00, showered, then spent most of the day outside taking in the beautiful scenery and wildlife. I saw orca whales cresting, salmon leaping from the water, a bald eagle flying, even a couple of porpoises swimming alongside the ferry. The morning was cloudy but the afternoon broke into a good amount of sunshine and even a little warmth.

The fjords offered some incredibly diverse viewing with snow-capped moutains along the mainland coast and stunning waterfalls dotting the islands. We didn't see any moose, elk or bears but I'm hoping for that tomorrow as we head up to Alaska!

It was another long day with the ferry arriving at 23:28. Shortly after midnight, we checked into the Moby Dick Inn and are enjoying the wireless highspeed Internet. In the morning, we head out for Hyder, AK.