Day 0: Austin - Preparing for the Journey

Trip Log for 9 August 2009

I'm getting excited, and I don't get excited (much). I'm trying to get this Web site ready and figure what to take and what to leave behind. I was going to check a bag but it costs $15 each way and we'll be on a tight schedule trying to make it to the first ferry so I've decided to take my small carry-on suitcase and my laptop backpack. I even measured them to make sure they qualify under American Airline's confusing bag policy. My backpack is damn near larger than my suitcase.

quart-size bag with toiletries

It's been interesting learning about the TSA 3-1-1 rule. I broke down and bought a travel-size toothpaste, travel-size contact cleaner, quart-sized plastic bags and two reusable 3 oz plastic containers. It kills me that that all cost about $9.50 just to travel with stuff I already own but I'm working on that as a personal goal. Trying to get stuff to fit in that plastic bag is its own tribulation and I'll need to leave behind sunscreen, shaving cream, hair product, body spray and toner—no big loss or something I couldn't buy when I get there.

I've also purchased a small cross body purse to keep my passport close and a parka to keep the rain and wind out. To aid the long hours in the car, I bought an FM transmitter to broadcast music from my MP3 player to the car stereo. The first one I tried was getting a lot of interference but this current one seems to be working well.

I'm mostly packed save for those things I'm still using daily. Just four days until I'm in Vancouver!

- Rachele