Trip Costs

Estimated Expenses

I've estimated that the total trip cost around $1600 USD but it's hard to get exact amounts between splitting costs, paying cash for some things and conversion rates with transaction charges when using a credit card.

I was also deadset on eating a lot of halibut so the daily average for food is higher than what many people might end up paying.

All figures are based on double occupancy.

Expense Cost
Plane fare / car rental package $644.15 (USD)
Ferries (including a cabin and car transport) $402.22 (CAD)
Gasoline for 2562 kilometres $120.58 (CAD)
Lodging for five nights $224.56 (CAD)
Food for six days $250.93 (CAD)
Fish Creek day pass $5.00 (USD)
Gifts / Souvenirs $35.00 (CAD)