About Road Trip 2009: British Columbia & Alaska

Destination Hyder, Alaska

My name is Rachele and I work as a front End Web developer at a software company in Austin, Texas, and attend grad school at the University of Texas at Austin in the School of Information. I've never been to Alaska and it's one of only a handful of states I've yet to visit. When it seemed potentially likely that I would get laid off this summer due to a company acquisition, I started planning a three to four week long road trip to Alaska from Texas before fall classes started.

map locating Hyder, Alaska

Well, I didn't get laid off that first week so I had to cut back my grandiose plans if I still wanted to make it to Alaska. I considered flying directly to Anchorage and making my way up to the Arctic Circle (the ultimate northern goal) but the cost and travel times on short notice weren't an attractive alternative. That's when I discovered Hyder, AK, while studying an Alaska state road map.

Hyder is located in far southern Alaska just inside the US border from Canada. Its remote location makes for an exciting road trip destination (how many people can say they've been to Hyder?), even if I am flying most of the way there. The total road trip portion should cover around 2,000 miles including a few hundred traveled by ferry. The ferry route creates a nice loop where I'll have to backtrack only about 140 miles from Alaska to the Yellowhead Highway.

I'm hoping to enjoy some cooler, rainy weather up north (it's been day after day of 100+ degree heat in Austin). I'm also looking forward to seeing glaciers and fjords up close. The wildlife and scenery should be amazing.