Texas SB5 Filibuster Time Clock

Senator Wendy Davis began speaking at ~11:18 AM CDT. At ~10:10 PM CDT, a third point of order for rules violation called for by Sen. Donna Campbell was recognized, effectively ending Davis' filibuster. She spoke for:

10h 52m

Around 11:45 PM, Sen. Leticia Van De Putte got the last word in (see video below) which resulted in raucous applause and cheering from the gallery, which ultimately led to the gallery being cleared of all spectators shortly before midnight. Lt. Gov. Dewhurst attempted to call a vote on SB5 before time ran out and initially, the Republicans said the bill passed. But by 2 AM, it was determined that the vote officially took place at 12:03 AM, rendering the results invalid.

The 83rd Texas Legislature Special Session 1 ended at midnight on June 26, 2013. The next day, Gov. Rick Perry called a second Special Session to begin July 1st during which the abortion issue will be raised again.

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