Road Trip 2009: British Columbia & Alaska

Trip Details

My original desire was to drive from Austin to Anchorage but I just didn't have the time. I still wanted to take a road trip to touch Alaskan soil and while studying a map, I discovered that Hyder, AK, is the only city in southern Alaska reachable by car. The journey began by flying into Vancouver, BC. The route map plots out each leg of the trip and major stops.

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My plan had been to update this Web site at the end of each day during the trip (assuming I have Internet access!) and send tweets to communicate when new trip logs or photos got posted. That grew cumbersome after the second day so I just posted the trip logs and put up the rest of photos after I got home. I'm now even more inspired to take a road trip to Alaska proper!

Route Map

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Trip Log

North to Alaska sign

North to Alaska sign at the junction of the 16 and 37 highways.

Distances Traveled

  • Plane: 6232 km
  • Car: 2562 km
  • Ferry: 563 km

The total distance we covered on the strictly road trip part (car and ferry) calculates to approximately 3125 km / 1942 miles.

Trip Costs

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